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Moving Kit

Packing Materials & Boxes

EEi Mover is one of the leading manufacturer of packing materials and boxes. We also carry other packing materials such as Bubble wrap, Stretch film, Self-adhesive tape, Corrugated roll, Moving Blankets etc. We carry boxes of various sizes as well as portable wardrobe boxes for clothing. Our packing material has been catering to industries such as Transportation, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Industrial Products, Stationery, Furniture etc.

Our packing material is of superior quality in strength. We have been proudly serving UAE and exporting to all the gulf countries. We have made achievements in the field of packaging with our outstanding services and superior quality material. We understand you may have concerns and we will be glad to answer your questions and enquiries related to packing materials. Thus, we are certain to please you through our commerce and make you our everlasting customers. In addition, we can deliver the packing material based on your necessity and requirements

Moving Kits

We carry a wide range of Moving and Packing Kits, Boxes, Box Bundles and Packing Supplies. You can purchase Moving Kits and Boxes from us and have it delivered the same day. EEi Mover provides the best packing and storage materials to protect your belongings and make your moving experience easier and more convenient. We provide high quality yet affordable packaging material and boxes. In Addition, we offer Wardrobe boxes for your clothing. Wardrobe moving boxes have metal bars to hang your clothes while moving. This is very convenient because it allows you to easily transport the clothes in your closet without making them wrinkled. 

Moving Kits come in various forms and sizes, but it’s important that the moving kit includes a variety of packing boxes and packing supplies that you will need for your belongings. EEi Mover offers complete moving kits which included everything necessary for your move. Each moving kit contains boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing paper. You can also create your own modified moving kit by just contacting one of our representatives.

Additionally, for your convenience, we provide experienced packers to make your moving hassle-free. Contact us for a quick quote today Contact us +971521074154 /Email us on Sales@eemover.com /Alex@eemover.com!

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